MB 7000

                                                Windows Mobile 6.5

Rugged PDA is used in various areas. Specially, Enterprise PDA MB 7000 with PDA barcode scanner is used for Logistics management system, improving the efficiency of logistics with real time location tracking of vehicle and cost-effective delivery and also is used for real-time warehouse management and inventory control. 

MB 7000, industrial rugged PDA, helps order processing sales, bill collecting and management in work field, and supports mobile office for sales personnel. MB 7000 Enterprise PDA is applied patrol dispatching system, for receiving order, information inquiry and mobile report.
Rugged PDA helps real time mobile two-way communication for job assignment order and its processing report in work field.
And it supports real time location tracking, delivery ordering / 
reporting and navigation.


Οθόνη  3,5˝ QVGA Colour LCD
Touch Panel  IP54 Certified / Multiple Drops from 1,5m
CPU  Intel PXA 320 806MHz
Μνήμη  256MB RAM / 1G ROM
Επικοινωνία  ΙΕΕΕ 802.11b/g / Bluetooth v2.0 with EDR
Μπαταρία  2660mAh Extended
Διάρκεια μπαταρίας  8 ώρες συνεχούς λειτουργιάς
O/S  Windows Mobile 6.5
Διαστάσεις / Βάρος  121 x 69 x 18-23 / 166g
KIT  pda, τροφοδοτικό, USB καλώδιο επικοινωνίας, βάση φόρτισης, μπαταρία, πενάκι


Anti-Drop String
Βάση Φόρτισης