OT 200 / OT 110

                                               OT 200 / OT 110 Windows Mobile / Win CE

The functionality and stylish appearance of the OT-200 is primarily designed to the hospitality environment. It has a compact size, lightweight design and a high durability. Orders can be transmitted directly from the OT-200 to the bar or kitchen via WiFi i.e. employees work more efficient instead of walking back and  forth.

The OT-200 is a cost effective handheld terminal, which will enhance any hospitality solution and can be used in many other business environments as well.


Οθόνη  4,3˝ QVGA TFT Colour
Touch Panel  IP54 Certified / Multiple Drops from 1,5m
CPU  Samsung S3C 6410 / 667MHz
Μνήμη  256MB RAM / 256MB ROM
Memory Expansion  SD Card Slot, Surrort up 26GB
Επικοινωνία  ΙΕΕΕ 802.11b/g / Bluetooth v2.0 with EDR
MSR  3 - Track MSR (Optional)
Barcode Scanner  1D Barcode Scanner (CCD)
Μπαταρία  2300mAh
• Windows Mobile 6.5 (OT 200)
• Win CE 6.0 Professional Edition (OT 110)
 Windows Mobile 6.5 (OT 200)• Win CE 6.0 Professional Edition (OT 110)
Διαστάσεις / Βάρος  82 x 133 x 19 / 245g
OT 200 KIT  pda, τροφοδοτικό, USB καλώδιο επικοινωνίας, μπαταρία, πενάκι
OT 110 KIT  pda, βάση φόρτισης, τροφοδοτικό, USB καλώδιο επικοινωνίας, μπαταρία, πενάκι


Βάση Φόρτισης ΟΤ 200 (ΟΤ 110 περιλαμβάνεται)
Magstripe Card Reader (MSR)
Scanner 1D Symbol SE955
Scanner 2D Honeywell