epop 55

The epop 55 is the sister display to the epop 50 in ZBD’s product range at 88mm x 42mm and particularly suitable for the large-scale hypermarket sector (typically stores with in excess of 40,000 SKUs), where there is a requirement to display more complex product and promotional information. It is a fully graphical display with high contrast and excellent viewing angle. These multi-page displays have a simple and elegant design and are highly robust.

Suitable for:
  • Large-scale hypermarket sector
  • Promotional signage
  • Any products where complex product and pricing information needs to be displayed

The epop 55 delivers:
  • Dynamic price, promotion and product information
  • Instant response to competitor activity
  • Unlimited consumer information
  • Brand logos and messaging
  • Synchronise pricing and promotions with web channels
  • Cross-sell and up-sell capability
  • Improved store operations efficiencies
  • No maintenance of paper price tags or sticky paper labels

The epop 55 can display a combination of both consumer and staff information:

Consumer information: Staff information: Key technical details
  • Pricing; competitor pricing
  • Nutritional information; 
    ‘health wheels’
  • Provenance information
  • Carbon footprint
  • Detailed product information
  • Branding
  • Planograms
  • Merchandising and replenishment instructions
  • Real-time stock availability
  • Scannable barcodes

Width: 88mm
Height: 42mm
Depth: 13mm
Battery Life: >5 years

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