Wireless POS Tablet           


•  7.85" Rugged Android POS Tablet
• Docking Station & Charging Cradle
• Wi-Fi Seamless Roaming
• Uninterruptible RDP
• Kiosk Mode (User/Admin Mode)
• Remote Upgrade & Support
• Multi-Charging Cradle
• Unique Repairable Tablet
• Unmatched Price Performance

 System  CPU & OS

 • Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 1.3GHz
 •Android 4.2.2

 Memory  RAM & Flash Memory

 • 512MB RAM
 • 4G eMMC Flash (ROM + user data)
 • Support external MicroSD Card (MAX 32GB)

 Dimension, Weight &
 Drop Specs
 Dimension & Weight

 137 x 202 x 9mm (HxWxD) / 320g

 Drop Specs

 0.5m drop tested to concrete floor

 Display, Sensors,
 Buttons & LED
 Display & Light Sensor

 7.85” 1024x768 XGA IPS LCD / sunlight viewable

 Touch Panel

 • Multi-touch capacitive touch panel
 • IP54 casing - anti water splash
 • Separated from LCD for easy and low cost replacement


 • Auto screen rotation
 • Auto sleep mode in pocket/holster (unit upside down)


 Power button


 • System LED - Power and charging
 • Unique Sleep Mode indicating LED (Blue)

 Audio, Slots,
 Ports & Cover
 Audio, Mic & Ports

 • Audio speaker
 • Standard 3.5mm earphone jack (Compatible with audio jack magstripe card reader)
 • Micro-USB for charging and data transfer via PC


 • Rugged Dual Layer Hybrid Protective Case
 • Anti-slip hand strap

 Communication  Wi-Fi

 • 802.11 bgn 2.4GHz
 • Exceptional Wi-Fi always-on w/ sleep mode

 Wi-Fi Roaming

 • Fast & seamless roaming
 • Auto roaming trigger level


 • Bluetooth v3.0
 • Support standard profiles, e.g. headset, serial port & etc

 Battery & Charging  Battery

 Rechargeable Li-ion 4000mAh battery


 • Charging by Hi-grade micro-USB power adaptor
 • Charging by cradle connector (for Single/Multi-Charging Cradle)

 Power IC Protection

 • ESD protections on sockets/plugs
 • Avoid high transient voltage/current, surge or reverse polarity

 Charging Cradle

 • (Optional) Single Charging Cradle
 (• Optional) Multi-Charging Cradle (6 tablets charging)

 Camera  Front / Rear

 • 2MP / 5MP Camera
 • QRCode scanning (3rd party software)

 Remote Desktop

 • Support full screen, auto-logon, auto-start and RDP setup profile
 • Auto scale and fit different screen resolution, e.g. QVGA/VGA to WVGA
 • Seamless roaming enables uninterruptible RDP session
 • Configurable system sleep mode for maximum RDP performance
 • Tightly coupled with user mode, e.g. disable menu & home keys

 User/Admin Mode       & Licensing  User Mode (Kiosk Mode)

 • Hardened environment for end users and restrict allowed apps
 • Configurable Home, Menu & Back keys as well as notification bar
 • Bottom system bar can be completely hidden
 • Avoid support due to incorrect configuration changes by end users
 • Disable USB and avoid intruders unauthorized changes on system
 • Enable software licensing via hardware S/N and standard Android API

 Remote Manageability

 Remote Display
 & Diagnostics

 • Teamviewer1 Internet support (Screen & file transfer access behind firewall)
 • VNC remote access via WLAN

 File Transfer

 • FTP server for remote file upload/download
 • Dropbox2 - cloud based file service

 OTA Upgrade

 OTA (over-the-air) ROM version check & upgrade via Internet Cloud storage

 Apps Update & Push

 Google play services for apps update and Internet push via web browser

 Battery life &
 Standby Time

 > 6 days (Screen OFF + Wi-Fi always-on w/ sleep mode)


 > 11 hours (Screen ON + Wi-Fi)

 Operating w/ Data

 > 10 hours (Screen ON + Wi-Fi with data traffic3)

 Benchmark Reference

 Quadrant4 score: 6,000+ / AnTuTu5 score: 16,100+