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Label Scale XM-500

Label Scale XM-500
Label Scale XM-500
Label Scale XM-500
Label Scale XM-500
Label Scale XM-500


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XM500 Retail Balance with TOUCH screen

Upgraded AveryBerkel scale with 7 ”color TFT WVGA touch screen and promotional video display capability. It allows the label to be configured according to the customer's needs, has a cassette with sensors and automatically checks the condition of the head. Prints Barcode, production / expiration date, packaging date, brand, item description, ingredients. Print speed up to 150 mm/sec, suitable for product standardization. Roll diameter 120mm, label width 70x300. Label and paper tape balance. Connects to PC, printers, keyboard while supporting management program and data memory128 MB RAM, 256 MB Flash, 2 GB integrated SD card. Weighing capacity 6-15kg/2-5gr. Dimensions 408 x 458 x 502mm.


Display Touch 7’’ color TFT WVGA
Memory of Scale 128 ΜΒ RAM, 256 MB Flash, 2 GB integrated SD card
Operating System/ Operating Software Avery/ ΜΧ100, ΜΧ Tool
Capacity 6-15kg/2-5gr
Interface- Scale PC, 10/100 base T ethernet as base
Printing speed of scale 150 mm/sec
Label printout Barcode, date of manufacture / expiration, date of packaging, name, item description, ingredients.
Label Cassette with sensors. Automatic head condition check.
Role dimensions Roll diameter 120mm. Label width 70x300. Label - paper tape.
Dimensions /weight Διαστάσεις 408 x 458 x 502mm
Additional features-Scales Keyboard, video display, User training via VIDEO. Labeling according to the customer's needs. Automatic weight deviation correction.