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Voucher for mobile computers, printers, tablets, cash registers, fiscal devices, peripherals e.t.c.
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ESL Electronic Labels
Electronic labels on the shelves are the most modern and reliable solution for managing prices and products within stores.
Central management sends information to shelves and updates hundreds of different products, in bulk and simultaneously.
Automatic Cash Counter
Advanced Automatic cash management system for counters
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News - Announcements

27 / 11 / 23 Liliwise Smart Locks from ICS!
Sofia 0 213
High security digital smart door locks, ideal for short term rental apartments, rental homes, holiday homes, hospitality units, hotels, business premises, smart buildings, common areas.Contact us for availability and prices...
20 / 11 / 23 Epson Distributor and Service Center of thermal printers & colorworks.
Sofia 0 207
ICS Karafyllis S.A. is an Official Distributor and Repair Center of EPSON thermal printers and colorworks in the Greek market!6 years and we keep on.!!!! We support our partners and our customers and successfully continue our excellent partnership wi..
08 / 11 / 23 CL-S700II is the real power of label printing!
Sofia 0 399
Designed to withstand very demanding environments and produce high volume prints, ensures smooth and very fast label production with excellent quality!CL-S700II meets the needs and demands of intensive production and work flow! Available with direct ..
24 / 10 / 23 Equipment to collect the necessary data for LOTify!
Sofia 0 541
Online Liquor Register - Electronic Liquor Tracking System (Lotify)!ICS Karafyllis S.A. has the necessary equipment that will facilitate the daily tasks of liquor retailers to collect the necessary data for Lotify quickly, easily and without errors!C..

New Products

Model: Zebra ET60 & ET65 Brand: ZEBRA
Zebra ET60 & ET65 Touch Enterprise Tablet PC 10.1'' Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE/5G,GNSSDesigned to handle practically everything, this tablet has surviv..
Model: Zebra ET51 & ET56 Brand: ZEBRA
Zebra ET51 & ET56 Touch Enterprise Tablet PC 8.4'' & 10.1'' Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPSET51 and ET56 Enterprise Tablets are the thinnest and li..
Model: Zebra ET40 & ET45 Brand: ZEBRA
Zebra ET40 & ET45 Touch Enterprise Tablet PC 8'' & 10'' Wi-Fi 6, 5G, NFC, Bluetooth The ET40 and ET45 are built for business fr..
Model: Zebra TC53 & TC58 Brand: ZEBRA
Zebra TC53 & TC58 5G, Wi-Fi™ 6E.TC53 and TC58 are new generation mobile computers, with new hardware and new sensor technologies for more reliable..
Model: duraSign Pad Brilliance Brand: EURONOVATE
Euronovate duraSign Pad Brilliance LCD Touch Panel HID, VCOM, WyseduraSign Pad Brilliance signature pad stands out for its robust ..
Model: Euronovate ENSIGN 11 Brand: EURONOVATE
Euronovate ENSIGN 11 LCD Touch Panel with Electromagnetic resonance (EMR) Cordless, battery-freepenENSIGN 11 speeds up and simplifies  your busin..
Model: H35 Smart Door Lock Brand: LILIWISE
Liliwise H35 Smart Digital Door Lock for Home, rented house/appartmentLiliwise H35 High Security Fingerprint Ttlock Smart Lock Tuya WIFI BLE Digital S..
Model: Vacuum 40 Brand: GAUSIUM
Gausium Vacuum 40 Cleansing Floor Robot with H13 HEPA Filter.Vacuum 40 is able to clean along the edges at zero distance with side brushes and high-pr..
Model: Scrubber 75 Brand: GAUSIUM
Gausium Scrubber 75 Heavy-duty Cleaning RobotStrong brush pressure and a cleaning efficiency up to 3,000 m/h, Scrubber 75 is an ideal choice for large..
Model: Scrubber 50 Pro Brand: GAUSIUM
Gausium Scrubber 50 Pro AI-Powered Robotic Floor Scrubber.Scrubber 50 Pro offers the most diversified path planning modes to deliver the highest degre..