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WF36 Mobile Computer

WF36 Mobile Computer
WF36 Mobile Computer
WF36 Mobile Computer
WF36 Mobile Computer
WF36 Mobile Computer

Mobile Computer ICS WF360

WF360 is designed to allow non-technical person to perform maintenance of the device with spare parts provided by Widefly.  The device could be disassembled and assembled in 2-3 minutes.  Resellers can fix the device by themselves without sending the device back to Widefly. The touch panel and LCD are separated and can be replaced easily.  This allows resellers to propose the most competitive TCO (Total cost of ownership) solution to customers.  The speedy RMA turnaround time helps resellers to be able to maintain high level of customer satisfaction. Reduce RMA turnaround time, minimize shipping cost and maintain high customer satisfaction on resellers' after sales service.  Rugged Android POS PDA, Wi-Fi Seamless Roaming, 802.11bgn 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Uninterruptible RDP. Kiosk Mode (User/ Admin Mode). Remote Upgrade & Support. Charging Cradle. 


Mobile Terminals
Monitor pda 4.3" 800x480 WVGA IPS LCD / sunlight viewable Ambient light sensor for auto LCD brightness.
Operation System Android 4.2.2
CPU pda Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 1.3GHz
Memory pda 512MB RAM/ 4G eMMC Flash (ROM + user data) Support external MicroSD Card (MAX 32GB)
Communication Wi-Fi 802.11 bgn 2.4GHz, Exceptional Wi-Fi always-on w/ sleep mode, Wi-Fi Roaming. Fast & seamless roaming. Auto roaming trigger level. Bluetooth Bluetooth v3.0. Support standard profiles, e.g. headset, serial port & etc.
Interface-Ports Audio speaker, Standard 3.5mm earphone jack (Compatible with audio jack magstripe card reader), Mini-USB for charging and data transfer via PC.
Barcode scanner (Optional) Barcode scanner add-on module
Battery pda Rechargeable Li-ion 2800mAh battery. Battery lock prevents accidental reboot. Charging with hi-grade power adaptor on mini-USB interface.
Keyboard Power/Reset buttons. Left/right buttons (for barcode scanner)
Sealing IP54
Resistance 1.2m drop tested to concrete floor
Dimensions/ Weight pda 125 x 75 x 19mm (HxWxD) / 207g
Accessories Support detachable external device: barcode scanner, Magstripe card reader, RFID reader & etc Strong and reliable attachment at PDA’s top. (Optional) Magstripe card reader (MSR) add-on module. (Optional) Barcode scanner add-on module
Additional features mobile terminals KIT: pda, charging cable, USB communication cable, stylus./Remote Desktop (RDP): RDP Unique XP-like remote desktop client/ Remote access / control tool/ FTP server for remote file upload/download/ Vibrator/ System & programmable LED/ SDK for third party development/ Control on LED, Vibrator, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & etc