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Solutions for Retail

Retail solutions for retail stores with a customer satisfaction survey system, a survey of service quality and consumer sentiment. In combination with bidding systems with led panels, the immediate answer is given if the promotion move was responsive.

Model: 1661 Brand: ICS
Easily and with low cost!!!    The solution “CUSTOMER ONLY HAPPY” can be adjusted to the specific needs of each company, with the option of changing questions depending on the day or when customer’ s complains are fulfilled. The evolution of technology has brought to the compan..
Model: 1137 Brand: ICS
ICS LED Board for all stores.LED board that is very easy to write and erase. The message is illuminated with LED and makes the promo movement stand out. Ideal and simple solution for restaurants because the menu changes often, depending on the day and time. In bars and cafes to highlight the offers,..
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