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Weight Scales

Weight Balances with simple operation and accuracy in calculations with a general purpose weighing scale. Portable scales that can work anywhere, with battery and AC adapter. Large-digit LCD screen, battery status indicator, sturdy construction, accepts a larger tray. Ideal for restaurants, steakhouses, patisseries, bakeries, flea markets etc.

Model: 1592 Brand: ICS
Ideal for laboratory useElectronic precision scale that operates with electricity and batteries 6 AA. Its screen is LCD with backlight. Weighing capacity 5kgr/1gr. Dimensions 74x63mm. Ideal for laboratory use...
Model: 1176 Brand: ISHIDA
Offering a sleek design, simple operation and pinpoint accuracy, the iPC from Ishida delivers exactly what today's marketplace needs from a general-purpose scale. Perfect wherever quick, accurate weighments are needed, the iPC excels in applications such as bakeries, restaurants and mail rooms. Conv..
Model: 1176 Brand: ISHIDA
Waterproof IP65, dual displays, trade approved, low costMeeting the demands of an IP-65 rating, Ishida's IPC-WP is protected from dust and low pressure water. The stainless steel platter is designed for ease, removal and frequent washing for food and chemical applications. The IPC-WP's sleek design ..
Model: LW 5000 Brand: KINGSHIP
Digital top dish scale LW 5000Compact and versatile weighing scale that could be applicable in schools, offices, kitchens and home use. Sleek appearance and precise performance while making the user operate simply. With four units setting functions (g / lb / oz / pcs) to switch, this model offers th..
Model: NSS IP68 Brand: ICS
NSS IP68Waterproof and stainless steel ScaleNew waterproof check weight scale with fashionable industrial design. Stainless steel housing and base. Bright LED multi-color LCD display. Stainless steel pan 250x195mm. Waterproof AC/DC adaptor. Rechargeable 6V battery. IP68 protection class. 4 height ad..
Model: S29-ΜR Brand: T-SCALE
S29-ΜR Heavy Duty Waterproof Inox Scale Waterproof scale with sealing protection IP65 and made of heavy duty stainless steel. With selectable weighing units (Kg, oz, lb), seventy hours of continuous operation without backlight and 'Auto off΄ function. OIML approval (DK0199.255). Suitable for op..
Model: Super IP68 Brand: KINGSHIP
Digital Washdown scale Super IP68SUPER Inox Washdown Scale designed with stainless steel housing. Transparent dust cover. Stainless steel pan 230x190mm. Waterproof AC/DC adaptor. Rechargeable 6V battery. New load cell protection. IP68 protection. 4 adjusting feet. Perfect for food processing fields:..
Model: 1176 Brand: ICS
Electronic scale W2W2K electronic scale is adopted with high precision A/D chip and high-accuracy load cell. It works in goodperformance of accurate weighing, stable reading and reliable quality. It also has the function of counting, andspeed change. It can be used in the normal weighing and also pr..
Model: 1176 Brand: ICS
Electronic scale W2C LCDElegant design, simple operation and precision in calculations, the W2C LCD scale has red-digit LCD screen and rechargeable battery, Supports large INOX tray. Tray dimension: 250x180mm. Ideal for restaurants, steakhouses, patisseries, bakeries...
Model: WSS IP67 Brand: ICS
IP 67 Waterproof and stainless steel ScaleWSS S.S Waterproof Baker Dough Scale with classic industrial design and made with Stainless steel housing. Stainless steel pan 230x190mm. Waterproof AC/DC adaptor. Rechargeable 6V battery. IP68 protection class. 4 height adjusting feet. Perfect for food proc..
Model: 1575 Brand: ICS
Electronic scale with rechargeable battery  LCD screen illuminated (large digits) and Backlight. Heavy construction. Disc dimension: 310x220mm.Ideal for packing and packaging.  ..
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