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Handheld Mobile Terminals

Handheld mobile terminals for operating in warehouses, inventories, shipments, picking and packing. They provide communication with the central management, receive and send data, give the image of the products and the operation of the logistics in real time. They communicate with peripherals and are a valuable tool for employees.

Model: Sunmi L2S 4-slot battery charger Brand: SUNMI
Sunmi L2S 4-slot battery chargerSupports charging up to 4 batteries simultaneously and intelligent battery management...
Model: 1363 Brand: ICS
Mobile Computer AUTOID 9AUTOID9 is in-build of unified software platform, user could control application installation, authorization and remote virus killing, software upgrading, which ensures OS and data security. Advanced capacitive touch and visible display with 4 inch size corning gorier ca..
Model: BHT-1100 Brand: DENSO
Mobile Computer DENSO BHT-1100 Industrial PDA, powerful performance and user friendly. The new DENSO BHT-1100 combines outstanding functionality and user friendliness in a compact and versatile package. The elegant and sleek design of the new BHT-1100 houses a powerful performer bringing the be..
Model: BHT-M60 Brand: DENSO
DENSO BHT-M60 Mobile Computer IP65 / IP67The BHT-M60 handheld computer combines outstanding scanning performance with comfortable handling thanks to its ergonomically shaped handle that fits perfectly in the hand. Equipped with the most powerful DENSO scan engine currently available on the market, i..
Model: BHT-M70 Brand: DENSO
DENSO BHT-M70 Mobile Computer IP65 / IP67The BHT-M70 handheld computer expands DENSO's BHT-M series with a handy device featuring a large 4-inch touch display and physical keyboard. This makes the mobile data capture device ideal for use in warehouses and logistics. Equipped with the most powerful s..
Model: BHT-M80 Brand: DENSO
DENSO BHT-M80 Mobile Computer Uniquely designed to provide high resistance against drops on concrete floors with a light and rigid magnesium frame and an elastomer bumper to absorb shocks. Highest-level resistance against 3.0 meter drops, has passed the drop durability test of 1meter x 2,0..
Model: L2S Charging Base Brand: SUNMI
Sunmi L2S Charging Base ND0M0PDA and battery can be charged simultaneously for high-frequency usage...
Model: ND020 Brand: SUNMI
ND020 Charging station for Sunmi L2The Sunmi ND020 is a charging cradle for the Sunmi L2 handy terminals. Just place the device on the cradle and it will automatically start charging. The PDA is not included...
Model: ND030 Brand: SUNMI
ND030 Charging station for Sunmi M2The Sunmi ND020 is a charging cradle for the Sunmi M2 terminals. Just place the device on the cradle and it will automatically start charging. The PDA is not included...
Model: ND060 Brand: SUNMI
ND060 Charging station for Sunmi V2The Sunmi ND060 is a charging cradle for the Sunmi V2 handheld computers. Interface USB. The PDA is not included...
Model: ND070 Brand: SUNMI
ND070 Charging station for Sunmi V2 PRO The Sunmi ND070 is a charging cradle for the Sunmi V2 PRO  handheld computers. Available with 1 USB additional port. The PDA is not included...
Model: 1350 Brand: HONEYWELL
Handheld Computer Honeywell CK3REasy to use. Easy to implement. The CK3R mobile computer helps your business capture all the benefits of automation with a rugged, power-efficient design and quick, accurate scanning. High Performance Scanning. Rugged. Wireless Technology. Long Battery Life...
Model: 1351 Brand: HONEYWELL
Handheld Computer Honeywell CK3XWith high-performance, omnidirectional scanning and industry-leading battery life, the rugged CK3X Mobile Computer streamlines workflows and enhances the performance of your workforce. Optional RFID reader is available. High-Performance Scanning. Rugged. Wireless Tech..
Model: CK65 Brand: HONEYWELL
Handheld Computer Honeywell CK65The CK65 mobile computer boosts supply chain productivity by accelerating and error-proofing work in distribution centers and manufacturing. With the longest supported lifecycle available, up to 28-hour battery life, and best-in-class ruggedness, the CK65 maximizes pr..
Model: 1352 Brand: HONEYWELL
Handheld Computer Honeywell CN51High-performance imager provides quick, accurate barcode scanning even in low light. Unmatched motion tolerance eliminates costly delays and user frustration during scan-intensive applications. 5-megapixel color camera and our cutting-edge image processing technologie..
Model: 1353 Brand: HONEYWELL
Handheld Computer Honeywell CN75The Honeywell CN75 and CN75e mobile computers offer the versatility companies demand, providing the choice of a Windows® or Android™ operating system on a single device to meet changing enterprise business demands.The no-compromise design is powered by a 1.5 GHz dual-..
Model: 1354 Brand: HONEYWELL
Mobile Computer Honeywell Dolphin CN80Built on the Honeywell Mobility Edge platform, the Dolphin CN80 offers an integrated, repeatable, and scalable approach based on a common hardware and software platform – Mobility Edge™ Hardware and Software Platform. Common hardware and software platform delive..
Model: 1356 Brand: HONEYWELL
Mobile Computer Honeywell CT40The Dolphin CT40 is both powerful and rugged, equipped with a high-performance octa-core chipset, fast Wi-Fi, and 4G LTE connectivity to give associates quick access to business-critical information whenever they need it. The rugged housing and Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5..
Model: CT50 Brand: HONEYWELL
Mobile Computer Honeywell CT50Dolphin CT50 mobile computer targets highly mobile frontline employees in scan-intensive workflows such as on-demand delivery, field service, and customer engagement who require a truly mobile office with the modern conveniences of an all-touch smartphone and the highes..
Model: 1356 Brand: HONEYWELL
Mobile Computer Honeywell CT60The rugged Dolphin™ CT60 is ideal for enterprises requiring anywhere, anytime connectivity and fast data capture for maximum uptime and productivity. Built on the Mobility Edge™ platform, the Dolphin CT60 features an integrated, scalable approach based on common softwar..
Model: 1363 Brand: CATCHWELL
Mobile Computer Catchwell CW31Catchwell CW31 is an elegant, rugged and amazingly compact traditional Windows CE/Windwows Mobile handheld computer that provides a useful technology standards in combination with computing, GPS, communications and data capture technologies in one single rugged dev..
Model: 1360 Brand: DENSO
Barcode terminal DENSO BHT-1261 QWB Industrial PDA that increase business efficiency. Expand functionality. Simple to operate with only one hand, even with just your thumbs. Easy to grip, stable grip, “Professional-standard” long-lasting operation! 12 functional keys, Wireless WAN/GPS. Data can..
Model: 1361 Brand: ICS
Mobile Computer ICS DT350+ & DT351A compact PDA with wireless capabilities and enhanced Wi-Fi features such as single SSID enforcement and Always-On Wi-Fi, the DT351 includes an integrated CCD barcode scanner in addition to all the features of the DT350. Monitor 3,5˝ QVGA TFT Colour/Sunlight, op..
Model: DT50 Brand: UROVO
Mobile Computer DT50 5,7'' ANDROID 9.1, WIFI, BL, 4G, 2D, CAMERA WITH PS, USB KITProfessional handleld computer with powerfull with Octa-core CPU, high sensitive touch screen that operates with gloves, wet hands or a touch pencil. HD display, strong under sunlight.  Multi-channel transmission a..
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