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With the financial assistance of the European Union: ΕΣΠΑ - Ψηφιακό Άλμα

Autonomous Mobile Robots

ICS Karafyllis S.A. is providing to the greek market a wide range of AMR solutions with robots that can understand and move through the environment independently.They fulflill the designated tasks and have become a precious co-worker for many industries and sectors.

Model: Scrubber 50 Pro Brand: GAUSIUM
Gausium Scrubber 50 Pro AI-Powered Robotic Floor Scrubber.Scrubber 50 Pro offers the most diversified path planning modes to deliver the highest degree of flexibility in cleaning plan customization. Its groundbreaking Auto Spot Cleaning mode allows it to detect and remove the stains right off before..
Model: Scrubber 75 Brand: GAUSIUM
Gausium Scrubber 75 Heavy-duty Cleaning RobotStrong brush pressure and a cleaning efficiency up to 3,000 m/h, Scrubber 75 is an ideal choice for large-area, heavy-duty cleaning. Simultaneous scrubbing and sweeping is achievable with roller brushes, and makes Scrubber 75 a competent cleaner for indus..
Model: Vacuum 40 Brand: GAUSIUM
Gausium Vacuum 40 Cleansing Floor Robot with H13 HEPA Filter.Vacuum 40 is able to clean along the edges at zero distance with side brushes and high-precision sensors, and effortlessly pick up fine dust and debris with a 24 KPA suction motor. It comes with an anti-static and highly elastic roller bru..
Model: Locus Max AMR Brand: LOCUS ROBOTICS
Locus Max Pallet AMR Autonomous Mobile Robot - Smart-Heavy Duty for up to 1.361kg.Locus Max is the heavyweight, autonomous pallet robots - pallet AMR -  specifically designed for safe, autonomous transportation of large and heavy payloads throughout the facility. Featuring an industrial strengt..
Model: Locus Origin AMR Brand: LOCUS ROBOTICS
Locus Origin AMR Autonomous Mobile Robot - Smart-fast- for up to 36 kg.Locus Origin is the industry’s most nimble and intelligent autonomous mobile robot (AMR), designed to double and triple productivity in most dynamic fulfillment and distribution environments. Locus’s multi-bot approach improves p..
Model: Locus Vector AMR Brand: LOCUS ROBOTICS
Locus Vector AMR Autonomous Mobile Robot - Smart-Industrial- for up to 272 kg.Locus Vector is the innovative, flexible, autonomous material handling and logistics robot specially designed for high-productivity material handling and logistics applications. Built with an industrial strength chassis, o..
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