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Turnstile manufacturer specializing in Tripod turnstile, Optical swing turnstile, Optical flap turnstile, Full height turnstile, Barrier gate. Easily combine with any access control system: RFID Card, Fingerprint Device, QR, Barcode scanner, Face Recognition, 3rd Party Access Controller.
Model: DS-Q30 Quantum Brand: DAOSAFE
DaoSafe DS-Q30 Quantum Optical Flap TurnstileDS-Q30 Quantum optical flap turnstile is the most sturdy and reliable model, with speeds up to 45 persons per minute. Which can be ideal installed at metro, station, office building and other places where vast visitors passing through. Design with classic..
Model: DS-Q70 Quantum Brand: DAOSAFE
DaoSafe DS-Q70 Quantum Speed GateDS-Q70 Quantum speed gate is the fastest open and close speed gate on the market. With 45 persons passing per minute which is perfect for the sites with big visitor’s flow rate. Supporting 600mm-1100mm for wide passageway, wheelchair, and pedestrian with large luggag..
Model: DS112 Brand: DAOSAFE
DaoSafe DS112 Tripod Tunstile GateTripod turnstiles are compact and cost-effective entrance/exit security solutions. The body is made of brushed stainless steel which is robust, rigid, anti-rust, waterproof and durable. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings. It has standard relay signal, ..
Model: DS8000 Brand: DAOSAFE
DaoSafe DS8000 Cylinder Speed GateDS8000 Cylinder Speed Gate is very popular and classic type of swing gate, an elegant solution for entrance point like bank, administrative buildings. The cylindrical shape has a diameter of only 168mm, which does not require much space and can be installed in any n..
Model: DSN-20 Nebula Brand: DAOSAFE
DaoSafe DSN-20 Nebula Optical Swing TurnstileNebula optical swing turnstile supports wide passage with width that can reach up to 650mm-1100mm, which is ideal for handicapped person with wheelchair or pedestrians with luggage. With unique design, stylish of modern and urbanization cabinet, typical s..
Model: DSN-50 Nebula Brand: DAOSAFE
DaoSafe DSN-50 Nebula Tripod TurnstileDSN-50 Nebula tripod turnstile is the slimmest tripod turnstile, it is cost-effective, exquisite and beauty, only one person can pass at one time, highest security to prevent the illegal trailing. At the top, it’s covered by a high black tempered glass, show up ..
Model: DSN-80 Nebula Brand: DAOSAFE
DaoSafe DSN-80 Nebula Speed Gate (High Glass) Waterproof IP65Nebula high glass speed gate outstanding features: fast open and close speed, exceeding slim housing, different height glass arms. The glass arm can be heightened to 1800mm for high security control to prevent unauthorized person from..
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