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With the financial assistance of the European Union: ΕΣΠΑ - Ψηφιακό Άλμα


Euronovate Electronic Signature Solutions boost companies’ productivity, allowing them to provide their clients with the most complete, updated, and safe solution for signing documents remotely. By implementing this technology in day-to-day processes, companies will be able to achieve the “paperless office” model, which will bring savings in terms of archiving costs, and offer a more efficient organization of documents producing a lower environmental impact.
Model: duraSign Pad Brilliance Brand: EURONOVATE
Euronovate duraSign Pad Brilliance LCD Touch Panel HID, VCOM, WyseduraSign Pad Brilliance signature pad stands out for its robust construction does not detract from its appearance, providing an elegant style to any counter. Perfect for left and right-handed users, providing a sig..
Model: Euronovate ENSIGN 11 Brand: EURONOVATE
Euronovate ENSIGN 11 LCD Touch Panel with Electromagnetic resonance (EMR) Cordless, battery-freepenENSIGN 11 speeds up and simplifies  your business document signing processes, thus ensuring their legal compliance. Your clients will be able to sign directly on the pad with a digital pen, genera..
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