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ParcelHive provides scalable electronic lockers that can fit and serve any place, any company and any purpose. Ideal for apartment complexes, retailers, e-commerce, office buildings, university campuses, amusement parks and other properties with high package flow. Smart storage compartments are manufactured from high quality resilient materials built to last and grant a secure space with latest anti-theft solutions that can sustain the business in rough public environment. CyberHive™ unique software solution is built to fit customer’s requirements, created for multi-platform usage, providing efficient storage management system and remote support.
Model: Food Warmer Lockers Brand: PARCELHIVE
Food Warmer Lockers Smart Heated cells to keep food idealy warmFood warmer lockers are designed to facilitate the delivery and reception of takeout. When people order takeout and it is not convenient to collect, this locker can keep the food warm. The heated lockers make sure that hot food stays hot..
Model: Fresh Lockers Brand: PARCELHIVE
ParcelHive Fresh Lockers Automated System Store or deliver fresh and frozen food, cold Chain DeliveryFresh Locker keep the products fresh and makes shopping of any type possible. Automated System – Fresh Locker maintains the freshness of the products until they are picked up by the re..
Model: Frozen Lockers Brand: PARCELHIVE
ParcelHive Frozen Lockers Automated System Store or deliver fresh and frozen food, cold Chain DeliveryFrozen Lockers support traders who need a reliable way of delivering a cold chain. Considerable space can be covered in cities and towns, where similar parcel terminals are installed. This..
Model: Indoor Locker Brand: PARCELHIVE
ParcelHive Indoor Lockers Smart System for every space and object.This system is based on modular,non-refrigerated or refrigerated lockers and can be customized extensively to suit particular needs. An ergonomically-designed user interface ensures secure operation and guarantees that only recipients..
Model: Key Keeper Lockers Brand: PARCELHIVE
ParcelHive Key Keeper Lockers to Receive and Return keys.Parcel HiveTM present you a Key keeper locker solution that enables safely to Receive and Return keys. It can expand up to 1 000 keys! Key keeper has strict policy about privileges and each key could be assigned to an employee by our managemen..
Model: Outdoor Lockers Brand: PARCELHIVE
ParcelHive Outdoor Lockers Smart Automatic SystemAdvanced Of Outdoor Parcel Locker. A personal solution for every environment – no matter what area, neighborhood or street it. Suitable for all retail goods and services in all markets that face the challenges of package delivery. Makes life easier fo..
Model: Refrigerated Lockers Brand: PARCELHIVE
ParcelHive Refrigerated Lockers Automated System for frozen food, cold Chain DeliveryRefrigerated lockers are the perfect solution for online food purchases, storage of non-durable products or delivery of refrigerated packages. Automated for product cooling – suitable for storing products with ..
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