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Model: 10601 Brand: ICS
Cash register ICS MICRO II blackPortable Tax cash register that operates on battery and electricity. It is a new type, simple and modern. Connects to PC and all market programs. Ideal for outdoor trade. Available in 2 colors: white and black and transfer bag optional. Approval of the Ministry of Fin..
Model: CH-50 Brand: ICS
Coin Counter CH-50Automatically counts & sorts mixed GBP coins at 336 coins per minute, reports the total value/quantity counted & the total value/quantity per denomination. Batch counting function: Input a batch quantity per denomination, the CS40 will then automatically stop counting when ..
Model: 1184 Brand: ICS
Electronic scale for counting items Rugged ABS housing. Big s.s pan 310 x 225mm. LCD display with backlit. Rechargeable 6V battery. Waterlevel for balance adjust. High accuracy of 1/30,000. g/lb units exchange. Weight accumulation. Recall of memory weight. Auto power off setup. Optional RS232 inter..
Model: DP-8120 Brand: ICS
Banknote Counter DP-81201.5 pocket Multi-Currency Mix value sorting counter DP 8120. Sorting, Non-stop counting with reject pocket,Multiple currency capability, Can transferring the image of the serial number to PC and printing serial number of banknotes. Accurate Serial number recognition, sto..
Model: DP-986 Brand: ICS
Banknote Counter DP-986 Compact value mix currency bill counter. Automatic feeding detector, without orientation limits,with compact size. Can discriminate value and detect very good quality counterfeits. Easy access note transport path, for better maintenance and jam removing. LCD display, us..
Model: ICS-150A Brand: ICS
Touch Monitor ICS 150A LED.Robbust 15.1'' TFT LCD touch panel. Resolution 1024 x 768 . Responce time 8ms. VGA, SVGA,XGA - USB interface with adapter and plug...
Model: 1093 Brand: ICS
Touch Monitor ICS 150II.Robbust 15''  TFT LCD panel, 5 Wire Resistive Touch Screen. Resolution 1024 x 768 VGA, SVGA, XGA, Responce time 8ms. USB interface with adapter and plug...
Model: 1093 Brand: ICS
Touch Monitor ICS 170A LED.Robbust 17''  TFT LCD panel. Resolution 1024 x 768 . Responce time 8ms. VGA, SVGA,XGA - USB interface with adapter and plug...
Model: 1442 Brand: ICS
Priority Control System iQueue- illuminate boardsThe illuminate boards are placed above each box and show the box number and the priority number to be served.Que control systems control priority access to public serving points with a specific waiting indication. Ideal solution for Banks, Public..
Model: PD-700 Brand: ICS
Customer Display PD-700The new PD-700 customer display has high resolution of 800 x 480 analysis and a very reliable construction. Connects to computer with USB port without any difficulty.The customer can keep track of the display, the descriptions and the prices of the products purchased during th..
Model: PD-970 Brand: ICS
Customer Display PD-9709.7 inch LCD large view and high clear screen with resolution, 1024x768, 4:3, LED back light, uniform light transmission and durability. Support USB2.0, VGA or HDMI interfaces. Power supply from 5V to 24V to prevent any mindless use of improper power input. Easy connectivity t..
Model: Algobox Net II Brand: ICS
Fiscal device Algobox Net IISpecial Fiscal Mechanism with the new specifications of the Hellenic Ministry of Economy & Finance. Type A & Type B driver. Characteristics of driver Type A: Compatibility with all market programs (DOS, WINDOWS, OFFICE, IE, INTERNET). Compatibility with all types ..
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