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Calculators for professional use with advanced features for complex calculations easily and quickly. Environmentally friendly, they also work with sunlight. Ideal for accountants, tax experts, engineers, architects, economists, teachers, consultants.

Model: 085.9300 Brand: OLIVETTI
Calculator SUMMA 301 with impact printerThe smallest writer in the range: light, comfortable to carry, with a 12-digit display and impact monochrome printer. Perfect for carrying out financial calculations, currency conversions and calculation of the rate, in full mobility. It guarantees l..
Model: 085.9334 Brand: CITIZEN
Calculator Citizen WR-3000 Waterproof-DustproofUnbeatable reliability for the catering industry and skilled trades. The WR-3000 is the first desktop calculator with a water-resistant and dust-resistant case. With LCD display, memory, VAT function, Grand total function, Square root function, +/- chan..
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