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BankNote Counters

Banknote Counters, separate and reject foreign or counterfeit banknotes, read serial number and authenticity detector. They perform single or mixed counting, connect to peripherals and upgrade via PC or Micro SD or USB stick.

Model: DP-8120 Brand: ICS
Banknote Counter DP-81201.5 pocket Multi-Currency Mix value sorting counter DP 8120. Sorting, Non-stop counting with reject pocket,Multiple currency capability, Can transferring the image of the serial number to PC and printing serial number of banknotes. Accurate Serial number recognition, sto..
Model: DP-8122 Brand: ICS
DP-8122 Double CIS Banknote CounterAdvanced banknote counter solution, accurate and reliable. With one and a half pocket multicurrency banknote counter with sorting function and automatic currency and denomination recognition. Supports add function and batch counting. Tha suspect banknotes are ..
Model: DP-986 Brand: ICS
Banknote Counter DP-986 Compact value mix currency bill counter. Automatic feeding detector, without orientation limits,with compact size. Can discriminate value and detect very good quality counterfeits. Easy access note transport path, for better maintenance and jam removing. LCD display, us..
Model: SE-8030 Brand: ICS
Currency Counter & Detector SE-8030Automatic and Manual start/stop, automatic detect with UV(ultraviolet),MG(magnetic) detection (optional),DD(width) detection. Double notes detection, half notes (IR) detection. Suitable for most currencies in the world. Automatic start, stop and clearing. With ..
Model: BC-40 Brand: ICS
Multi Currency Mixed Denomination Banknote Counter BC-40BC-40 is a cost-effective solution for value counting and detection. It is a perfect solution for retail customer and bank front desk. Compact and portable, takes up less space for cashiers. Provides accurate counting, excellent performance cou..
Model: BC-55 Brand: ICS
Banknote Counter BC-55BC-55 is the most intelligent and reliable multi-currency banknote discriminator  that applies two CIS and runs on the Linux system. This machine applies on our advanced image processing technology in order to recognize currency and discriminate denominations. The use of t..
Model: BCS-160 Brand: ICS
Banknote Counter BCS-160The BCS-160 model is a non-stop 1+1 pockets banknote discriminator banknote sorter which is cost effective, reliable and heavy duty machine. It is equipped with DOUBLE CIS, with the latest and advanced counterfeit detection technology, it is very easy to upgrade the software ..
Model: CH-3000 Brand: ICS
Banknote Counter CH-3000Automatic detecting with UV (Ultraviolet) while counting, automatic start, stop and clearing, batch counting and Add counting. High Counting speed: 1000 notes/min. with counterfeit alarm and double note detection. Automatic self-examination functions, automatic half-note dete..
Model: DP-6500 Brand: ICS
Banknote Counter DP-6500DP-6500E is value counting machine for EURO, double IR sensors.Value counting and variable presetting from 1-9999. Stops and sounds alarm for the possible errors (Double,Short,Chain, Half) UV. IR,MT, MG detection (optional). LCD display, Touch keypad. List of counted pieces d..
Model: DP-7100/ 3D Brand: ICS
Banknote Counter DP 7100/ 3DAuthentication detector & counter for banknotes of € & $ / £. Full touch screen technology keyboard that offers flexibility and speed in the selection of counts. Microcomputer, which controls all the functions of the machine. Detects half and double banknotes. Det..
Model: DP-7300 Brand: ICS
Banknote Counter DP-7300Super counterfeit detecting capability (with advanced dual CIS image recognition technology) for foreign currencies especially USD (Super dollar counterfeit).Reliable and Accurate Denomination Verification and Authentication Detection. Double CIS sensors, detects worldwi..
Model: SE-9200B Brand: ICS
Banknote Counter SE-9200BCounter - Banknote Detector (not mixed). Compact Electronic Bill Counter with UV Detection, pre-set and variable batch counting. High counting speed : 1000 notes / min. Digital LED display and double note detection...
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