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Handheld scanner for any business, the simplest and most economical solution. They read the barcodes from the product labels and respond to the needs of the funds quickly and efficiently. With upgraded features, great durability and excellent performance.
Model: CK2892 Brand: KSG
KSG CK2892 Corded Barcode Scanner 1D/2D, Pistol, USB, with Stand, High Density Rugged dust and water-resistant design that supports easy switch between handheld and auto-detection mode. Performs accurate identification of universal 1D and 2D barcodes and can read very well even poor quality lab..
Model: EK1799 Brand: KSG
KSG FG8975 Barcode Scanner 1D/2D, Pistol with base, Wi-fi + ΒΤ, 100 meters, USB , cable charge,high density.Designed to meet a wide range of scanning needs in harsh working and demanding environments. Adopts two-color mold ABS+TPU and form at one time. Rugged IP52, shock-proof and anti-drop. Advance..
Model: FG8975 Brand: KSG
KSG FG8975 Corded Barcode Scanner 1D/2D, Pistol, Wi-fi, 100 meters, USB stick, cable charge.Rugged IP52 dust and water-resistant, vry fast and accurate scanning. Can be cherged quickly with cable and operates 8-10 hours continuously. Scans 1D and 2D barcodes and can read easily paper, plastic, mobil..
Model: YS1270 Brand: KSG
KSG YS1270 Corded Barcode Scanner 1D/2D, Pistol, USB, with Stand  Flexible and powerful handheld corded scanner for 1D or 2D barcodes. Equipped with advanced decoding algorithm that reads easily both 1d and 2d codes. Support many keyboard languages and it doesn't need driver to operate. It..
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