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Model: 1184 Brand: ICS
Electronic scale for counting items Rugged ABS housing. Big s.s pan 310 x 225mm. LCD display with backlit. Rechargeable 6V battery. Waterlevel for balance adjust. High accuracy of 1/30,000. g/lb units exchange. Weight accumulation. Recall of memory weight. Auto power off setup. Optional RS232 inter..
Model: 1661 Brand: ICS
Easily and with low cost!!!    The solution “CUSTOMER ONLY HAPPY” can be adjusted to the specific needs of each company, with the option of changing questions depending on the day or when customer’ s complains are fulfilled. The evolution of technology has brought to the compan..
Model: 1584 Brand: ICS
CX CXX CR Steelyards - Hanging scales.Ideal for industrial aluminum, iron & recycling facilities, as well as lighter application such as courier. Backlight LCD inside and outside. Low Battery Indicator. Made of aluminum. Models: • CX: Works with 2 AA batteries• CXX: Operates with 3 AA batte..
Model: 1576 Brand: ICS
D-POS Check Out ScaleThe scales Series DPOS connect to the Terminal Point of sale (TPV) or Cash register (ECR), sending the necessary information to include in the ticket the heavy products in the dish. The design of the team facilitates his integration in the piece of furniture of exit of the super..
Model: 1586 Brand: ICS
Digital weight indicator for weighbridge management.Extremely simple and intuitive, easing the user with the weighing operations. Fitted with database of 99 open input weighs and database of 30 quickly recallable tares. Fitted with attached thermal printer. CE-M approvable (OIML R-76 / EN 45501). wa..
Model: 1858 Brand: ICS
Digital Promo StandAn all-in-one screen with operation system Windows/Android functions as one unit. Continuous playback of content. Optional: Touch screen. Promotion material is uploaded with two ways: 1. Usb stick. 2. Cloud platform. Applications: Hotels & Cafes, Pharmacies & Beauty Stores..
Model: DP-2288 Brand: ICS
Money Detector DP-2288Portable multi-currency authentication detector, with LCD display, high precision with a composite check on the authenticity of banknotes. Paper quality control via ultraviolet UV lamp, authenticity check with MG detector. Metal strip authentication with MT detector, new techno..
Model: DP-318 Brand: ICS
Coin Counter DP-318With the CDP318 Precision & Endurance Coin Sorter and Counter, manufactured with internal metal components of maximum strength, you can count and sort coins accurately and quickly. This machine is perfect for complete cash control tasks, including counting and sortin..
Model: 1292 Brand: ICS
Coin Counter DP-518Counts and sorts 600-800 coins per minute. Calculate the numbers, amount and grand numbers and   total value of all the coins. 8 coin tubes included. Autostop when the coin tray is empty. Report coin counting result, print the counting result(internal & external prin..
Model: DP-6500 Brand: ICS
Banknote Counter DP-6500DP-6500E is value counting machine for EURO, double IR sensors.Value counting and variable presetting from 1-9999. Stops and sounds alarm for the possible errors (Double,Short,Chain, Half) UV. IR,MT, MG detection (optional). LCD display, Touch keypad. List of counted pieces d..
Model: 1298 Brand: ICS
Banknote Counter DP 7100/ 3DAuthentication detector & counter for banknotes of € & $ / £. Full touch screen technology keyboard that offers flexibility and speed in the selection of counts. Microcomputer, which controls all the functions of the machine. Detects half and double banknotes. Det..
Model: DP-7300 Brand: ICS
Banknote Counter DP-7300Super counterfeit detecting capability (with advanced dual CIS image recognition technology) for foreign currencies especially USD (Super dollar counterfeit).Reliable and Accurate Denomination Verification and Authentication Detection. Double CIS sensors, detects worldwi..
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