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Scanner Scales/ Check Out

Scales with integrated scanner for retail counters and points of sales. With LCD screen, with column or platform. Ability to read all 1D and 2D barcodes without the need to orient the product from the box. They support Epos communication protocols. Connected to cash registers, POS touch screens or self-checkout systems, payment terminals and printers.

Model: 1576 Brand: ICS
D-POS Check Out ScaleThe scales Series DPOS connect to the Terminal Point of sale (TPV) or Cash register (ECR), sending the necessary information to include in the ticket the heavy products in the dish. The design of the team facilitates his integration in the piece of furniture of exit of the super..
Model: 1217 Brand: DATALOGIC
Incounter Scanner Scale Magellan 9300i Datalogic The Magellan™ 9300i scanner and scanner/scale: a new class of high performance bar code scanners. With digital imagers in all planes, the 9300i scanners read both 1D and 2D bar codes seamlessly without requiring item orientation by the cashier. W..
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